Minutes HPC Meeting 2nd May 2024

Minutes Uploaded on May 8, 2024


 Minutes (unapproved) of a Parish Council Meeting

Date: Thursday 2 May 2024

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: OSCA, Henham

Present: Cllrs N. Baker, S. Lee, P. Franklin, M. Fisher, J. Leech, C. Walker and Clerk M. Dacey

 Declaration of interests: The Chair reminded Councillors of their duty to declare any relevant personal or pecuniary interests.


  1. Apologies for Absence: District Cllrs B. Donald and P. Lees, Cllrs Z. Rutterford and G. LeCount and County Cllr R. Gooding


  1. Approval of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the 4 April 2024 meeting was approved and signed by the Chair.


  1. Matters Arising –


  1. Reports and Recommendations
  • Greens and Village Estate – Cllr. Baker:
  • Greens damage – (1) Erosion – It was previously agreed a review of the damage will be conducted in the spring by the Chair and Cllr Leech, including review of flooding on greens by Heathfield. (2) Driveways across greens & Construction damage to Greens by Hollybank – It was previously agreed the Chair and Cllr Leech will assess the damage. This will be carried out when the greens have dried out. (3) Construction damage to Greens by York Cottage – It is noted that there is damage to greens on the driveway. The Parish Council will monitor whilst works are still ongoing.
  • Greens Bylaws – Final version now agreed with solicitors and it is going through the government ratification process.
  • Greens Access – The clerk has circulated Counsel’s opinion with a further query to be answered by Counsel to all cllrs prior to this meeting. It was agreed to instruct our solicitors to notify any owners/developers of the Parish Council’s position on greens access.
  • Coronation commemoration – Cllrs Fisher and Leech have arranged to meet on 3/5/24 to look at locating the structure on the greens by Starr Garage.
  • Tree Inspection – works completed. Contractor to review concerns raised by residents re tree in allotments and tree by the pond in School Lane/Crow Street.
  • Church works – Nothing to report
  • Resurfacing The Row – The Row path falls within the ownership of the Henham Parish Council as it is part of the greens. Repairs to be undertaken once the weather improves.
  • Village ponds – Investigating title to village ponds which appear to be unregistered.
  • Cemetery/Allotment tap – The leaking tap has now been replaced – cost £151.00.
  • Parking by War Memorial/Crow Street junction – The Parish Council is aware of concerns raised by several residents regarding the parking of cars along Crow Street only yards from the war memorial junction which is obstructing the view on exiting from the war memorial and turning left onto Crow Street. The Parish Council is monitoring the situation.

Portrait of King – Portrait received and installed in OSCA.

Village ponds/Woodland – (a) Cllr Walker has been liaising with Woodland Trust requesting assistance, however, they cannot assist directly as it is not classed as an ancient woodland, however, they have directed us to a number of but a number of links and avenues we could pursue, Cllr Walker will be reviewing these and continues to liaise with our ecologist. (b) Cllrs Walker and Baker had a very productive meeting with the owners of Planteria who are keen to support our community. Cllr Walker to implement introductions between Planteria and the school and Woodland Trust regarding the woodland.

Village Hall – (1) General – Cllr Fisher proposed renewing the £5000 annual grant, payable in 2 instalments, usually April (retrospectively) and September, seconded by Cllr Leech, approved nem con.

PCSO – The next beat surgery is 22nd May 10.45am-12pm in the Henham Shop. Chair has been asked to liaise with the police regarding the PCSO contract renewal and a meeting regarding funding in April has now been rearranged for 7/5/24, Chair to attend.

Speedwatch – It was agreed to renew the maintenance contract which is up for renewal and a quote was circulated to Cllrs for review prior to this meeting – 2 Year Contract (2024-2026): 2 x Swarco provided MVAS/MYSI Sign Total = £1,573.61 Excluding VAT. It was also agreed the Speedwatch team can purchase a body cam for security and recording purposes.

Management of Pledgdon Green (a) Ownership of Common Land – Cllr Rutterford will continue to liaise with local farmer who might be able to obtain a grant for the upkeep of the common land. (b) Conservation Area Status – It was previously agreed that the Parish Council would split the costs with Broxted Parish Council for Place Services to look into extending the proposed conservation area to include to the Pledgdon Green area. Cllr Rutterford to liaise with Broxted PC to see if the report has been issued.

Village Broadband – Openreach and Gigaclear both have plans to bring Ultrafast Broadband to Village. The Parish Council has a responsibility to ensure residents are fully informed of both endeavours and have the information to make an informed decision that suits them: (1) Openreach – Openreach has confirmed the installation is going well and to date they have cable and equipment in the ground from the exchange on Mill Road, up until the church, by parsonage farm (not including Vernon’s close). (2) Gigaclear – Gigaclear have previously advised that the roll out will commence imminently.

D Day June 2024 celebrations – A resident and his team have kindly volunteered to organise an event to be held on Saturday 22nd June 2024, 1940’s theme with a band, BBQ, army tanks. This event will not be run by the Parish Council. Insurance to be covered by fete committee’s own insurance, copy now supplied to the Parish Council. Cllr Lee will be assisting the volunteers in the organisation of the event in his capacity as a resident and not as a Cllr.

Stansted/Elsenham Surgery merger –Update re surgery merger previously circulated to councillors by Cllr LeCount prior to this meeting – The merger is 100% confirmed, although there is still an issue with IT systems, that will not be operable until July. This delay will have no effect on the day to day running of both surgeries. He also had a meeting with UDC CEO and the Dr Senior partner in the Dunmow practice on the 12th April to discuss two major issues (a)The health 106 Developer monies and the ICB and (b) General Primary Health Care in the Uttlesford District.

Defibrillator – The Parish Council thanks the volunteers for their continuing monitoring of the village defibrillator which is located by OSCA, new batteries have been installed.

Remembrance Sunday Road Closure – Clerk has applied to UDC for the usual Remembrance Sunday Road Closure Order at the War Memorial for 10th November 2024.

           (ii) Finance



From Whom Description Amount
SOV 100 February draw £392.00
SOV 100 March draw £392.00
Village Shop Shop donations £25.00
Village Shop Shop donations £20.00


 To Whom

(Invoice no.)

Description Amount VAT Total
M Dacey April Salary £462.30 £0.0 £462.30
Simon Lee Refund for D Day flag £34.80 £0.0 £34.80
Essex Association of Local Councils (17658) EALC & NALC Affiliation fees £417.39 £0.0 £417.19
Rural Community Council of Essex RCCE Membership fee £49.75 £9.95 £59.70
JRB Enterprise Ltd (26708) Dog poo bags £66.64 £13.33 £79.97
PA Knott (62429) Grass cut 3-4 and 17-4 £960.00 £0.0 £960.00
Dr Pushpaben Mistry Refund for defibrillator batteries £325.00 £65.00 £390.00
MD Newland (1452) Allotment tap plumbing replacement costs £151.00 £0.0 £151.00
Stanley Tee LLP (380021) Right of Way solicitor legal fees £150.00 £30.00 £180.00
Pat Doughty Replacement no parking on greens sign £250.00 £0.0 £250.00
Treecology (02047) Tree Report tree works & holly tree in Church yard £2030.00 £406.00 £2436.00


Treasury Management Investment Policy and Strategy 2023/24 – Cllr Fisher- update Cllr Fisher has been researching the best interest paying accounts which comply with our investment policy. This is ongoing. Nationwide accrued interest paid on 31/3/24 amounts to £9,467.84 and £12,297.29 respectively.


2023-2024 Accounts – Q3 Accounts for 23/24 have been signed off by Cllr Fisher.


  • Planning and Developments –


  • UTT/24/0786/OP – proposed Outline application, with all matters reserved except for access, for the demolition of existing buildings and the erection of 1 no. dwelling with associated works, Rear Of Dunroamin Old Mead Road – Cllr Franklin declared an interest and absented himself from any discussions.
  • UTT/24/0983/PIP – proposed Planning in Principle Application for permission in principle for the erection of 2 no. dwellings, Water Tower Barn Chickney Road Henham (in the parish of Debden)
  • UTT/24/0817/HHF & UTT/24/0818/LB – proposed Construction of a single storey enclosed porch at the back door. Replace back door, addition of opening skylight in utility room to improve ventilation, Dolls Cottage, The Row
  • UTT/23/1732/FUL – Re-consultation proposed Change of use of paddock to residential and construction of 3 no. residential dwellings,Tudor Hall Pledgdon Green Brick End Road. Cllr Rutterford has declared an interest and is absenting herself from any discussions.


Breaches:  none

Appeals:  APP/C1570/W/24/3339629 (UTT/23/1382/FUL) Erection of a new detached 4 bedroom dwelling, Four Winds, Old Mead Lane – An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against the decision of Uttlesford District Council to Refuse. The appeal will be determined on the basis of written representations. Deadline 28 May 2024. Cllr Franklin declared an interest and absented himself from any discussions.


Developments: Mill Road Development : Cllr Walker is taking the lead on this and is liaising with the developer’s agents and residents. The Developer has confirmed that the project website has been uploaded ( This provides basic information about the proposals and has facilities for residents to register for updates and ask questions. UTT/24/0670/DFO – proposed details following outline application UTT/20/0604/OP for the development of 45 no. dwellings and associated landscaping and new open space – details of layout, scale, appearance and landscaping (including details to discharge condition 8), Land South Of Vernons Close Mill Road – comments submitted to UDC by Sub- planning committee 16/4/24. Cllr Walker has also submitted comments to the developer direct on behalf of the Parish Council and has been liaising with the Vernons Close Residents Association. Cllr Walker has also emailed the developer requesting whether they would give consideration to the fact that the proposed Bellway Development would benefit greatly from improved footpath access between Henham and the Elsenham Railway Station.

BloorUTT/23/2063/DFO – proposed Details following outline approval of reserved matters (comprising landscaping, layout, scale and appearance) pursuant to outline approval S62A/2022/0012 (UTT/22/2760/PINS) for the development of 200 residential dwellings along with landscaping, internal roads, public open space and associated infrastructure works, Land East Of Station Road. Sub planning committee has submitted its concern with UDC planning regarding proposed run off to OMR. Sub planning committee have raised concerns in April 2024 with UDC regarding proposed run off to OMR and Parish Council comments were submitted on 22/4/24 to planning.


Bedwell Road – UTT/24/0543/OP – Proposed Outline planning permission with all matters reserved except access for the erection of up to 240 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system (SuDS) and vehicular access point, Land North Of Bedwell Road And East Of Old Mead Road Ugley And Henham. Chair has written to UDC requesting an extension for submitting objection due to tight time frame with Easter, UDC have agreed to extend deadline to 15/5/24. Elsenham Parish Council has recommended a noise expert, sub-planning committee have recommended the Parish Council contributes half towards the estimated £2700 cost, previously agreed by email due to urgency. Noise report together with Elsenham PC comments on the report were circulated to Cllrs prior to this meeting by the clerk. Sub planning committee to prepare an objection and advice for residents will be published on Facebook and the village website.


UTT/24/0749/DOC Land at Old Mead Road, Henham  – proposed application to discharge conditions, including No.5 Landscaping for the 7 dwellings East of Old Mead Road. The Planning sub committee have submitted comments to UDC planning regarding concerns relating to pedestrian access/exit points on12/04/24.


Decisions: none


  • Highways OMR/OML – Nothing to report other than update from Cllr LeCount circulated to Cllrs prior to this meeting. He has advised that a Senior Police Officer who works directly for the “Commercial Vehicle Unit” based at South Woodham is now looking into our case, and mentioned that the sign at the beginning of North Hall Road (B1383) is blue and therefore, only advisory not enforceable. He is now looking into this matter for us and Cllr LeCount will report back further in our next meeting.

Mill Road/School Road yellow lines – Nothing new to report.

School parking – Nothing new to report, matter is ongoing.

Potholes – Nothing new to report.

Footpath 32 – Notice has been received for the closure is scheduled to take place on 10 April 2024 for 21 days and is required for the safety of the public due to insufficient sighting for pedestrians to cross the foot crossing safely and the presence of high-speed trains – it is the section of footpath approximately 10 metres either side of Elsenham Emergency Hut Network Rail Crossing. Cllrs LeCount and Franklin have previously expressed concerns that this crossing is dangerous and should not really be used by the general public, and it was going to be permanently closed by Network Rail and have recommended that the Parish Council should challenge ECC and Network Rail to finally get this sorted between them to close the crossing point and remove the “Whistle/Horn signs”. Cllr Franklin to prepare a letter for Network Rail.

Fly tipping at Brick End Lane – Cllr Rutterford continues to chase UDC Environmental Health regarding her previous request to remove the piles of roof tiles and sacks which have been dumped along Brick End Road.

Residents are encouraged to also report any matters to Essex Highways direct via the Essex Highways web site (details also on the Henham Website), as the more people who complain regarding Highways matters the more likely something will get done.


Residents are encouraged to report unsafe or dangerous parking in our village to: Stansted Airport Limited operates a Freephone number for reporting suspected on-street airport related car parking. The Freephone number is: 0800 7312385

  1. Correspondence

Sent/Received: various enquiries via PC website

Planning Applications  – see 4(iii) above

  • Clerk – approximately 250 emails in April 2024.


  1. Waste and Minerals Development Issues – Local Plan Review – 2025 to 2040 Nothing to report.
  2. SAW (Stop Stansted Expansion) – SAW has provided advice on how to respond to the consultation regarding Stansted Airport Night Flights. Advice from the Parish Council has been provided to residents and is on the village website. Deadline for residents to respond to the consultation is 22 May 2024. The Parish Council encourages all residents to respond. Cllr Fisher to re-post advice on Facebook.
  3. Governance – (1) The clerk has prepared the Annual Risk Management Policy and Risk Assessment for 2024-25 which was circulated to all Councillors prior to this meeting for approval, adoption of policy proposed by Cllr Lee, seconded by Cllr Fisher, agreed nem con. The clerk has requested and is in the process of receiving copies of up to date public liability insurance from our regular contractors. (2) Clerk has recommended to Cllrs that the Annual insurance is renewed with our current insurers at the reduced 3 year premium £455.47, email previously circulated to cllrs prior to this meeting. Cllr Franklin proposed the renewal of our insurance, seconded by Cllr Walker, approved nem con.
  4. Local Plan – Documents related to the local plan can be found at: (1) Local Plan numbers allocation – Chair submitted comments on the Local Plan on behalf of Henham Parish Council. Elsenham Parish Council is supporting the fact that the 200 houses have been wrongly allocated to their parish. The UDC Local Plan team have changed the rules and have not allocated the 200 houses to Henham as they are now basing allocation on a Settlement basis not a Parish basis. Therefore the 200 have been allocated to Elsenham not Henham.  Solicitors have now been instructed by the Parish Council. They have recommended a barrister whose fees are fees are in the region of £750 – £1000 + VAT.

(2) Neighbourhood plan – Chair has confirmed to UDC that the Parish Council will engage in the Neighbourhood plan process to allocate the 112 houses required in the Local Plan rather than engage in a conversation with UDC Planning to allocate sites.

  1. Henham SOV 100 Club draw –

April Draw

N Baker conducted the draw. He drew from a black bag containing all current members lottery balls. The winning numbers were:

1st Prize Number 165 (L Fuller)  £223
2nd Prize Number 49 (W Bates)  £108

3rd Prize Christmas Bonus Ball Accumulator £54 Cumulative total £274

Total funds received per draw were £770. Half will be paid in prizes plus the cumulative Christmas Bonus Ball with the balance of £385 paid to Henham Parish Council SOV Funds.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting is on Thursday 6th June at 7:30pm. Everyone Welcome

Mareike Dacey, Clerk