Minutes HPC Meeting 5th October 2023

Minutes Uploaded on October 10, 2023


Minutes (unapproved) of a Parish Council Meeting

Date: Thursday 5th October 2023

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: OSCA, Henham

Present: Chair N. Baker, Cllrs S Lee, M Fisher, P Franklin, M Francis, District Cllr B Donald & County Cllr R Gooding, clerk M Dacey

 Declaration of interests: The Chair reminded Councillors of their duty to declare any relevant personal or pecuniary interests. No declarations were received.

  1. Apologies for Absence – Cllrs G LeCount, J Leech, Z Rutterford, District Cllr P Lees
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the 7 September 2023 meeting was approved and signed by the Chair.

  1. Matters Arising
  2. Reports and Recommendations
  • Greens and Village Estate – Cllr. Baker:
  • Greens damage – (1) Erosion – Nothing to report (2) Construction damage by Hollybank – Cllr Lee is monitoring the situation and is in discussions with the contractor regarding the repairs. There have been issues with colour matching the shingle with the resin on the driveway, clerk to find out if other companies offer a different shade of shingle. Failing that, the shingle might have to be mixed, to ensure a better colour match.
  • Greens Bylaws – Nothing to report.
  • Starr Road Signage and pot holes – Nothing to report.
  • Coronation commemoration – Nothing to report.
  • Tree Inspection – Report awaited. Cllrs have agreed nem con that the pond tree work should go ahead with a quote for £3,500 plus VAT from our contractor. Scheduled to commence 6 October, with traffic lights on the High Streets to enable the works to be carried out.
  • Church works – Update from Cllr Lee. A site meeting with the developer and Cllr Lee was held on 26/9/23. There will be less plant placed on the greens and not within 7-10 metre of any trees. Developer to provide HPC with documents to satisfy the Parish Council’s requirement that the works are complying with our own insurance.
  • Bench – The bench in Mill Road by School Lane has been vandalised. The bench end has been kicked off. An unknown resident has attempted a repair, but it is inadequate.  The Parish Council have now commissioned a professional repair and the bench has been restored to good condition.

Village ponds/Woodland – Nothing to report.

Village Hall – (1) General – update by Cllr Fisher. Clerk has paid the second instalment of the HPC grant (£2500) to the village hall. (2) Solicitors – have been instructed to review the ownership and responsibility for the village hall as the existing documentation is 100 years old and needs updating. Chair to chase (3) HPC Community Support Fund – nothing to report.

PCSO – The PCSO will be available to discuss any resident concerns in the village shop between 10am-1am on the following dates: October 18, November 6 and 20 and December 11 2023 Everyone welcome.

Speedwatch – Nothing to report other than residents have been complaining about speeding through the village on Banger Racing days. The owners are keen to liaise with the Speedwatch team to resolve this issue. A note will go in the Dragon.

Management of Pledgdon Green – Nothing to report

Website – The new website is up and running . The Parish Council would encourage residents to provide the clerk with any additional information they would like to see on the new website e.g. details clubs/societies, photos etc. Cllr Francis suggested holding a photograph competition of scenic views from the village and will put an article in the Dragon with details. The clerk has now set each Cllr up with a new email address, each Cllr to decide how they wish to access their emails, those requiring IT assistance to advise clerk who will ask our IT company to assist. Following a discussion, it was agreed that Cllrs would try out the new email system before deciding on a policy for email use at the next meeting.

Gigaclear – Nothing to report.

Airport Parking – Cllrs LeCount and Franklin will be attending a UDC meeting on 2/11/23 to discuss the problem of airport parking in our area.

D Day on 6th June 2024 celebrations – Chair to establish if any resident wishes to organise a village event around this date.

UDC budget consultation – The clerk has previously circulated an email from UDC regarding a consultation on what its spending priorities should be for 24/25. Cllrs did not have any views.

           (ii) Finance



From Whom Description Amount
SOV 100 July, August and September draws @£400 each £1200.00


 To Whom

(Invoice no.)

Description Amount VAT Total
M Dacey September  Salary £462.30 £0.0 £462.30
Netwise Training Ltd (3042) Flexmail upgrade for Cllr Emails £60.71 £12.14 £72.85
Rural Community Council of Essex Annual membership fee £60.50 £12.10 £72.60
Paul Mower Village gardening, bus shelter and war memorial £380.00 £0.0 £380.00
Pellys Solicitors Ltd (27941) Legal fees re Bell Cottage £500.00 £100.00 £600.00
Henham Village Hall 2nd Tranche annual grant £2,500.00 £0.0 £2,500.00
PA Knott (62218) Grass cut 8/9 & 22/9 £910.00 £0.0 £910.00
Ricki Shelsher (1087) Village cleaning windows and signs £50.00 £0.0 £50.00
BIT solutions Limited (27862) IT services for clerk’s email £82.50 £16.50 £99.00
JRB Enterprise Ltd (25977)  Dog poo bags £66.64 £13.33 £79.97
M Dacey Refund for 75 x stamps £65.00 £0.0 £65.00


Treasury Management Investment Policy and Strategy 2023/24 – Cllr Fisher- update Cllr Fisher has been researching the best interest paying accounts which comply with our investment policy and will be continuing with this ongoing review.


2023-2024 Accounts – Q1 Accounts for 23/24 have been submitted by the clerk to Cllr Fisher for review and approval.


  • Planning and Developments –


  • UTT/23/0713/OP – Outline Planning Application, With All Matters Reserved Except Scale & Access, for the erection of up to 7 dwellings and associated work, Land West of Old Mead Road – nothing to report


  • UTT/23/1732/FUL – proposed Change of use of paddock to residential and construction of 3 no. residential dwellings, Tudor Hall Pledgdon Green – nothing to report.


  • UTT/23/1382/FUL – proposed erection of a new detached 4 bedroom dwelling, Four Winds Old Mead Lane – Cllr Franklin has withdrawn from meetings regarding this application on grounds of personal interest – nothing to report


  • UTT/23/2268/DFO – proposed Details following outline application UTT/21/0247/OP (allowed on appeal reference APP/C1570/W/22/3300023) for the demolition of two existing buildings and erection of 3 new buildings, together with creation of a Craft Hub and re-formation of

existing parking areas with associated landscaping – details of appearance and

landscapingThe Rise, Brick End- It was agreed that the sub planning committee would submit an objection.


  • UTT/23/2299/HHF – proposed 3 bay cartlodge extension to existing garage with storage above, Poplar Hall Church End – it was agreed that the sub planning committee would submit a comment.


  • UTT/23/2348/HHF & UTT/23/2349/LB – proposed pool upgrade and replacement outbuilding, Mondis Cottage Crow Street – it was agreed that the sub planning committee would submit a comment.


  • UTT/23/2316/CLP proposed Certificate of Lawfulness for an outbuilding in the rear garden of The Fuchsias, Old Mead Lane. Cllr Franklin declared and interest and absented himself from all discussions. It was agreed that the sub planning committee would submit a letter to Planning at UDC to reject the application for Certificate of Lawfulness.


Breaches:  Nothing to report

Appeals:  nothing to report


Developments: Mill Road Development : The Chair wrote to UDC planning on 11/1/22 requesting information regarding the S106 Agreement and will continue to ensure that the Parish Council is kept informed on matters relating to the development. The Parish Council met with the Developers Bellway Homes on 5th October to discuss areas of concern. The timetable for the development is scheduled to start in the Autumn 2024. There will be opportunities for Residents to view the plans and comment as they develop.


BloorUTT/23/2063/DFO – proposed Approval of reserved matters (comprising landscaping, layout, scale and appearance) pursuant to outline approval S62A/2022/0012 (UTT/22/2760/PINS) for the development of 200 residential dwellings along with landscaping, internal roads, public open space and associated infrastructure works, Land East Of Station Road – Parish Council comments submitted on 14/09/23. Cllr Franklin attended a meeting on 4 October 2023 with Bloor and Elsenham Parish Council. The main points from the meeting are as follows:


Phase 1 – 350 Units

Built 30-40 units

Occupied 12 units

Build rate 8 per Month

Housing association deal signed up for affordable homes, Contribution to “Elsenham News” £300 p.a. for 2 years. possibly to be extended. Not enough to meet existing revenue shortfall and finance a further 550 copies for the new residents. 30mph speed limit in Henham Rd moving mid-October 2023

Bus contribution to Essex CC £1.5M for an inadequate service under threat of removal. Cycle and pedestrian exit to the West will be onto Old Mead Road between the Car Park and Level Crossing. Not Station Road as has always been stated.


Phase 2 – 200 Units

Bloor have not yet purchased the Land, they will not do so until reserved matters are approved i.e. current application, start on site anticipated after 2025.

Foul sewage is inadequate to accommodate this development (Thames Water) Bloor are relying on Thames Waters legal obligation to provide sufficient new pipes etc. before they are needed.

Bloor are confident their Surface Water drainage scheme will be adequate.


S106 provides £78,872 for Elsenham surgery, NHS say it needs £258,400 to provide increased facilities for new residents, this impacts all existing residents if not resolved. Bloor rely on legal commitment to S106 which cannot be varied or funds within the existing amount reallocated.  Bloor to investigate the discrepancy with UDC Planning.


Decisions: Nothing to report.


  • Highways Update

OMR-OML – (1) Nothing to report other than Cllr Franklin will liaise with County Cllr Gooding regarding concerns with flooding along OMR due to the new development.


Mill Road/School Road yellow lines – Nothing to report.


Toot Toot bridge – Cllr Franklin has reported to County Cllr Gooding on 30/12/22 lack of road markings or warnings at the bridge of “single track only” or any form of priority and requested this is resolved by Essex Highways as a matter of urgency in order to avoid more accidents, County Cllr Gooding to check this is on Highways Panel as there is confusion with a different request for the Little Henham bridge to have signage.


Residents are encouraged to also report any matters to Essex Highways direct via the Essex Highways web site   (details also on the Henham Website), as the more people who complain regarding Highways matters the more likely something will get done.


Residents are encouraged to report unsafe or dangerous parking in our village to: Stansted Airport Limited operates a Freephone number for reporting suspected on-street airport related car parking. The Freephone number is: 0800 7312385

  1. Correspondence

Sent/Received: letter from resident regarding various issues re greens/signage/pond.

Planning Applications  – see 4(iii) above

  • Clerk – approximately September 2023.


  1. Waste and Minerals Development Issues – Nothing to report.


  1. SAW (Stop Stansted Expansion) – Nothing to report.
  2. GovernanceHPC Grant Award Policy – Cllr Fisher previously circulated a draft policy document covering HPC providing grants. The clerk has chased EALC for their legal advice and they have now confirmed the Parish Council may not provide any grants for the school as it does not have the statutory powers to fund educational establishments.
  3. Local Plan – The draft Local Plan has now been published on the UDC website and documents related to the local plan can be found at: Revised timetable as follows:

Draft Plan (Regulation 18) Consultation:                                    Autumn 2023

Publication Plan (Regulation 19) Consultation:                               Summer 2024

Plan Submission:                                                                          End of 2024

Plan Examination:                                                                         During 2025

Plan Adoption:                                                                             Approximately 2nd Quarter 2026*

*the timing of the Examination is in the hands of the Planning Inspector (s), but the average Local Plan Examination is 18 months (based on 300 Local Plan Examination) for relatively good plans with no significant issues identified.

The Chair provided an update. The draft Local Plan shows 6076 additional homes to be built within the plan period 2021-2041. Great Dunmow allocated 869 homes, Saffron Waldon 1280, Stansted Mountfitchet 390, Newport 412, Takeley 1689 and Thaxted 489. The Larger Villages have allocations of about 100 each. Elsenham has a nil allocation as it already has 1017 homes with planning permission waiting to be built.

Henham has been allocated 170 homes but 58 of these have already been given planning permission including the 45 south of Vernons Close. This leave 112 to be built. HOWEVER the draft Local Plan does not allocate the 200 homes with planning permission in Henham Parish as part of the Bloor Estate. The Chair will write to the UDC Director of Planning pointing out this error and ask for the allocations to be revisited.

  1. Henham SOV 100 Club draw –

September Draw

Mrs S Ward conducted the draw. She drew from a black bag containing all current members lottery balls. The winning numbers were:

1st Prize Number 48 (M Dacey)  £232
2nd Prize Number 134 (A & K Eardley)  £112

3rd Prize Christmas Bonus Ball Accumulator £56 Cumulative total £560

Total funds received were £800. Half will be paid in prizes plus the cumulative Christmas Bonus Ball with the balance of £400 paid to Henham Parish Council SOV Funds.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 2nd November October 7:30pm at OSCA. Everyone Welcome.

Mareike Dacey, Clerk