Bedwell Road Planning Application- advice to residents

Henham Parish Council (HPC)

Planning Application for 240 houses on land north of Bedwell Road and east of Station Road Elsenham in the Parishes of Henham and Ugley. HPC asks that residents respond to UDC Planning Objecting to this development.

Residents can email UDC Planning at quoting UTT/24/0543/OP stating their name, address, and objections by the 15th of May 2024.

HPC considers these to be the main objections:

  1. This application follows an application in 2019 for 220 houses on the same site which a Planning Inspector refused on the grounds of excessive noise from the M11.  Residents would not be able to open their windows because of the noise. A noise consultant has examined the latest proposals and considers nothing in the new application changes this situation. The site is unsuitable for residential housing.


  1. This area of Elsenham, Henham, and Ugley has seen an increase in houses built, or with planning permission, since 2011  from 980 to  2530. There is no corresponding increase in any infrastructure to support this astonishing increase. Elsenham is an unsustainable settlement to accommodate this major new development.


  1. The emerging Local Plan recognizes that no further development in Elsenham should take place in this Plan period up to 2041.


  1. The area is unsustainable in transport terms including the unsuitability of the road system.


  1. Access to Elsenham and its facilities by walking or cycling are excessive distances.


Thank you for responding to this unwanted and unnecessary development.

Henham Parish Council